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Do I Need an Interior Designer?

While we all would love to have a house nice enough to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens, for most of us we just do not have that skill. We know what we like but just lack what it takes to put it all together so it is not a jumbled mess. How many times has the thought crossed through your mind that you wish someone would just come in and do it for you? Well, all these things could be a sign that you need an interior designer. Here are a few others:

Too Many Houses in One

You are all over the place and overwhelmed at how you can possible compile all your ideas in your head into rooms that do not look like they just landed there haphazardly. You see spreads in magazines that look exactly the way you want your house to look or walk into a friend’s house and are so awestruck that you plead to switch houses. It is impossible to get it together when you are pulled into so many different directions on how you want your house to look. If you are trying to fit the inside of a beach cottage into a Victorian that is when you might want to unload your ideas on an interior designer and let them figure out what will work. Your interior designer will take you back to the basics and be objective in the way that you are unable to be—and you will need a good dose of that objectivity to keep your house from the chaos that would ensue if left to your own devices.

Accepting That You Just Don’t Have It      

Maybe you already realize this or maybe you can see how that rug goes with that table in that particular room in a way that others cannot. Maybe you want to decorate your house boldly but do not have the confidence to pull it off and cannot commit to any particular design. It is the interior designer’s job to get to know you—that includes your lifestyle, your tastes, and your home. After that it is the interior designer’s job to put it all together in a way that works for you. You might need a few days to let the interior designer’s ideas sink in and visualize how it will work. Remember that it is often the interior designer’s job to take you out of your comfort zone and decorate your house in a manner that you love but would not have the confidence to do yourself.

Too Busy

Sometimes an interior designer is needed for the most basic reason—you just do not have the time. You have all the intentions to work on your house but life gets in the way with work, children, errands, and social events, and as changes revolve around you, your house stays the same.  Once you decide to redo  your house, it will take a time commitment that may not fit in with your busy schedule. If all this is true, then it might be time to step back and make room for an interior designer. It might be the case where you do not need an interior designer full time but just need someone to consult with or step in to help with a project when you need them to.

Making the Most Out of Your Home

Once you make the monumental decision to purchase a house, especially a house that you plan to stay in, then you should carry through on that investment and personalize your home. It is important to remember that this is your home now—not a house you rent or plan to sell anytime soon—and you are entitled to that pure burst of glee when you look around and love your house and everything in it. The floor plan should be just right because why shouldn’t it be? You may only invest in an interior designer one time but that should be enough to set the foundation for how you want your house to look. After that it will be easier to implement small changes as time goes by.